PT. Sarana Teknik Gearbox

WATT DRIVE MOTOR Helical Bevel Geared Motors

PT SARANA TEKNIK WATT DRIVE GEAR MOTOREMAIL DRIVE MOTOR Helical bevel geared motorsCompact, eye-catching, unique for limited space issue!The compact and structure optimized gear housing of the helical bevel gears distinguish themselves by being machined on all sides and are therefore, ready for a variety of mounting options and applications.The unique motor position provides an almost flat and easy to mount on ”machine interface”. Various standard shaft executions and the double chamber shaft seals, developed by Watt Drive, are ready for use. Shaft and flange dimensions are equal to our helical worm gears.In the basic executions the gear boxes are designed as 2 stage gears up to the size K. 75 (1.250Nm). The bigger gear boxes, beginning with the K. 77 (1.500Nm) are designed as 3 stage gears.Gearbox MotorHELICAL GEAR MOTOR
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