PT. Sarana Teknik Gearbox


PT SARANA TEKNIKEMAIL : SARANAGROUP@CBN.NET.IDTOSHIBA ELECTRIC MOTORStandard Efficiency Power Series Motors Standard features include: Standard range includes: 0.37kW to 1000 kW2,4,6 & 8 pole is standardmulti speed and low speed motors available upon requestprotection classifications from IP55 through to IP66Suitable for 380V 400V 415VAlternative voltage range is available up to 1100VCast iron constructionCast iron cooling fansTop mounted terminal boxBeneficial starting characteristicsImproved thermal reserve for cooler operationLower noise levelsDrain plugs standard all framesThermistors as standard in all motors (D160 frame and above)Heaters as Standard D250 Frame and aboveOil seals on all MotorsExternal earth fixing pointIEC framesIncreased Power In smaller frame motors available on requestRange is designed for:VVVF controlreduced voltage startingMEPS 2006 compliant and AS1359 (IEC60034) compliant for 0.73kW - 185kW motors24 months warranty from installation and 36 months warranty from deliveryAustralian and Asia Pacific region sales and support.
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