PT. Sarana Teknik Gearbox


PT SARANA TEKNIKMAKISHINKO WORM GEAR REDUCER - GEAR MOTOREMAIL : SARANAGROUP@CBN.NET.IDWorm reduction gearsWorm reduction gears have long been a top seller for Makishinko. Makishinko is developing next-generation technologies one after another to answer customer needs.This includes launching a new series of gears with at least a 10% improvement of transmission efficiency over previous worm reduction gears through a clever combination of proprietary gear technologies, as well as using special lubricants for low noise operation or other special needs and the joint development of gear materials.The MakiAce (MA Series) was born as a result of the combination of Makishinko's many years of experience with worm helical reduction gears development and cutting-edge technologies. MakiAce is a high-grade product targeted towards multiple fields and applications that boasts characteristics such as high-power, high efficiency, miniaturization, attractive appearance, easy usability and high-quality.
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