PT. Sarana Teknik Gearbox


PT SARANA TEKNIK MOTOREMAIL : ABB ELECTRIC MOTORBaldorMotors is a global supplier of efficient electric motors. The brand hasbeen referred to as Reliance Electric, Baldor Reliance Motors, Baldor Industrial Motor and Baldor in the past and now goes by the name ABB Baldor. The company offers more than 10000 different motors, drives and gearboxes. A wide range of Baldor electric motors, like washdown duty motors, severe-duty motors, general-purpose motors, farm-duty motors, jet pump motors and condenser fan motors, are sold in various sizes and frame designs. Baldor AC motors are available in 1-phase and 3-phase power supply variants. For applications in conveyors, extruders, printing presses and packaging equipment, wound-field and permanent-magnet Baldor DC motors are offered in up to 500 hp and 5 hp variants, respectively. Customers looking to replace an old Baldor motorshould look for the catalogue number / spec number / part number displayed on the motor faceplate and cross-refer with current models.Electric Motor 3 Phase
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